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Smart network

Giving the opportunity to build, manage, and upgrade networks infrastructure.

Fiber optic projects

Designing, Planning, and oversight projects with full obligations.

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Whether it is FTTC, FTTP or even the ultimate FTTH. Providing solutions that address the broad challenges faced by today’s Operators.


Offering an Innovative solution through our partnership with global brands in CCTV industry that are highly valued by users.

Access control

Years of experience in providing, installing and maintaining strong access control solutions for physical and logical access

Wireless PTP/PTMP

Offering the best of breed point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PTMP) to major telecom companies and ISPs.

Network infrastructure

Experienced engineers design and deploy secure custom-built networks for businesses that increase productivity and decrease operating costs.

Hardware support

Wide range of networking devices and tools through our partnering agreements with many trusted global brands around the world.

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Recent projects

zain project

Zain metro project

Our experienced teams accomplished about (240 KM) of laying, pulling, and splicing Fiber Optic Cable for Zain Iraq in different municipalities in Baghdad, Basra, Kut, and Diwaniyah provinces, our commitment to the project time schedule, quality and safety standards, and on-time delivery made us the most preferable IT solution Co. in Iraq among many competitors.

Statistical facts:

  • Different and various work stages started on 01\12\2019.
  • More than 120 KM of Civil Work Excavation accomplished.
  • More than 240 KM of Fiber Optic cable Pulling and splicing.
  • More than 100 Engineers, Technicians, and Labors.
  • Worked in several municipalities in Baghdad, Kut, Nasiriyah, Diwaniya, and Basrah provinces.
  • 100% HSE commitment.
Safat Al- Basra Residential Compound

Safat Al- Basra Residential Compound

Because you and your family deserve to live a high standards life, in Sa’afat Al- Basra our teams were so diligent and dedicated into delivering the best quality of service by using the latest global technologies and equipment, thereupon to make you feel safe and secure with an integrated surveillance system and a high-speed internet service so you can live a smart lifestyle here in Iraq.

Statistical facts:

  • Over 4000 satisfied users were served with internet using FTTH technology.
  • Over 200 CCTV cameras with 1 Control Center (CC) were supplied, installed and connected.
  • 6 gates integrated with a smart access control system with RFID technology to ensure secure access to the compound.
  • In CCTV, the most qualified Cameras were used to secure entrances, exits, and inside the compound.
  • More than 50 Engineer, Technician, Labors are working to handover the compound it scheduled time.
A network of telecom towers

A network of telecom towers

Digital Link teams designed, planned and implemented a network of telecom tower from the civil works (excavation, subbase filling, compacting and foundation), and up to microwave links planning, budgeting, installing and configuration to the Iraqi MOD in southern Iraq.

Statistical facts:

  • A network of 8 towers was constructed.
  • Full compliance with HSE standards.
  • 16 microwave links were supplied, installed, configured and operated.
  • Project was delivered on-time.

Most Important ClientsWe have been trusted by well known private and government organizations

Zain Iraq

Zain Iraq is part of Zain Group, a leading telecom innovator in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa.


Informatics & telecommunications public company (ITPC) is specialized company of wire and wireless communications.

Iraqi council of ministers

The Council of Ministers is the executive branch of the government of Iraq.

Ministry Of Oil - Iraq

The Ministry of Oil is the Iraqi government agency responsible for Iraqi petroleum.

Global PartnersDigital Link Co. made strategic agreements with the most trusted IT organizations in the world

Digital Link Co. is a leader company on the market of
telecommunication enterprises in Iraq.

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Yes, we have technical support technicians, working 24/7.

Yes, we have installation, assessment, maintenance, and consultancy services for all optical fiber cable systems.

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